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Certified sleeping quality

At DENOI we understand the importance of a good nights sleep. If we dedicate a third of our life to sleeping, why do we not use the best products available to create a high quality sleep. Our whole life quality depends on our sleeping quality and that is why we at DENOI offers all the products needed for a life improving sleep, certified to give you good results.

When designing our products we always keep in mind the difference in constitucion of the individual person and the individuals sleeping patterns, resulting in the product most suitable for personalized quality sleep. Our wide range of mattresses responds to the individual need of each client, offering the exact properties adapted to the exact need.

The latest technology allows us to optimize our resources and create the best results. Results that we regularly revise and check according to a European control system. In our R&D department we use a specialy developed quality control system, testing the firmness of our product for 6 month during 24 hours a day. Utilizing a system of wheel rollers that applies constant movement and pressure in order to test the pressure resistancy of the product. Since 2007 our products carry the Aidima quality test symbol, underwriting that our production quality surpasses all requirements for durability and firmness.

DENOI applies a rigid quality control system to all parts of the production process. Checking all raw materials in order to avoid faulty material. Our policy of controlling the full production process from start to finished product results in full quality control of each mattress. Based on an updated and modern machine park (quilting machines, spring coilers, foam cutters, closing stitchers) Denoi has the capacity to adapt to specialized costumer products including sizes to order.